Have you ever wondered where the famous poet Dante Alighieri got his ideas to write the Divine Comedy? The places in Florence were he lived or where he composing his rhymes? With this guided tour you’ll discover them!

A guided tour in Florence to discover the great poet Dante Alighieri!

Conosceva tutte le passioni umane, proprio tutte. Attratto dalle cose bellissime e dalle cose bassissime. Stava attento ma era attratto anche dal fascino del male. Ma a parte tutte le innovazioni si ama Dante, proprio perché parla di noi, di ognuno di noi. Nessuno conosce meglio le passioni umane, il profondo dell’animo umano come lo conosce Dante”


Roberto Benigni

Guided tour in Florence

We have organized for you a guided tour dedicated to the great poet Dante Alighieri to discover the places most dear to him in Florence and that inspired him to write the wonderful Divine Comedy.
Our tour will start from the Baptistery of Florence, nostalgically remembered by Dante during his exile and we will stop in the area where the poet usually stopped to reflect and joke with passersby.
Crossing the most famous streets of Florence we will arrive at the Alighieri family home and the church of Santa Maria de ’Cerchi where Dante met the love of his life, Beatrice.
We will pass through small alleys where we could admire some tombstones dedicated to the Divine Comedy and then end our guided tour in one of the most famous places in Florence, piazza Santa Croce, where there is a beautiful statue of Dante Alighieri.

 Half day
 Adults and children
 Tickets not required
 Walking Tour
Walking tour in Florence Dante

On request advance of the client, it’s possible to modify the guided tour according to your needs

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