Have you ever heard of Palazzo Pitti? It’s one of the most sumptuous palaces of Florence and its history is unbelievable: built by Luca Pitti, in response to the Medici mansion in Via Larga wanted by Cosimo the Helder, it was supposed to be the most beautiful, magnificent and majestic palace of Florence! Unfortunately, with the financial ruin of the Pitti family and the numerous debts, the building was left to itself and the works were interrupted in 1465. Almost 100 years later, Eleonora di Toledo, wife of Grand Duke Cosimo I, bought the famous palace to realize the new residence of the family and it seems almost a joke that the Medici have become the owners of that building!

A guided tour of Pitti Palace in Florence, where you can relive the ancient splendors of the Grand Ducal courts by visiting one of the most visited museums in the city!

Palazzo pitti, gigantesca mole a bugnato rustico distesa sulle pendici della collina di Boboli, è il più grande dei palazzi fiorentini e bene testimonia la potenza di coloro che la scelsero come propria reggia di reppresentanza”


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Guided Tour in Pitti Palace

A guided tour of Pitti Palace in Florence, to discover its history, works of art and secrets!

The building dominates the entire Oltrarno area together with the Boboli garden which extends to Forte Belvedere.

Inside there are some of the most important treasures of the history of Florence. We’ll start from the Palatine Gallery, rooms richly decorated with paintings made by some of the most famous artists in the world such as Botticelli, Raffaello, Andrea del Sarto, Caravaggio or the wonderful marble statues of Lorenzo Bartolini and Antonio Canova.
We could walk in some of the royal apartments and admire the beautiful furniture and meticulous decorations that make this place even more precious!

Our guided tour will end with a walk to the Boboli Gardens of Pitti Palace, the most beautiful garden in Florence!

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Guided Tour in Pitti Palace Florence


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