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The art of photographing food

Photographic services for catering, restaurants, pizzerias ,pastry shops and chefs

Food photography is the art of photographing food, whether they are gourmet dishes prepared by great chefs or delicious cakes prepared by skilled hands of pastry chefs or simply a pizza, the important thing is to make them appetizing and irresistible in the eyes of the customer, in a word:



Food Photography is not banal as it seems: immortalize it in dishes, in rustic or elegant, dark or bright, natural or artificial light places is an operation that requires reasoning and method.

An image is better than a thousand words

Food on the web

In social web era, quality images are the basis of a good communication plan.
Today, before going to the restaurant, we search on web to look for the nearest one, read the reviews, discover the typical dishes and maybe book on line for a special promotion.
It’s not a coincidence that restaurants with quality photos of rooms and dishes are always in the top positions among the most chosen by customers.

Servizi fotografici Food per Pasticcerie
Servizio fotografico cibo con food styling a San Miniato
The art of preparing dishes for the photo shoot

Food Styling

The food styling is part of behind the scenes of a perfect photograph, like the make up artist of cinema: you don’t see them but are essential to make the best shooting!

A good food photography styling will tell your products in an extraordinary and genuine way!

We prepare high-level compositions , in order to donate to the products the indispensable quality for a professional presentation to the consumer. The final effect is the result of a particular working in the presentation of the subject and in the reconstruction of a unique atmosphere.

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